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Former NJ State Sen. Michael Doherty

"Steve has been at the forefront of every major battle for conservative principles in New Jersey for the last thirty years... and he's won all of them. His dogged determination to defeat radical proposals is the stuff of legend."

Mike Doherty.jpg
Former Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll

"Steve's record of success influencing public policy is already unparalleled.  From fighting Corzine’s toll hike scam, to defeating taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research, to partnering with State Senator Leonard Lance in stopping Jim McGreevey from borrowing billions without voter approval, Steve has been the leader of the conservative movement when we needed him most."

Michael Patrick Carroll.jpg
Commission William "Bill" Hayden

"Steve Lonegan built the modern conservative movement in New Jersey and made it a force in every county in the state... Voters in Sussex County are familiar with Steve Lonegan. He’s been on the ballot here for nearly two decades. Since 2009, Steve Lonegan has never lost a Republican primary or General Election when he was on the ballot in Sussex County. Our voters chose him over Chris Christie. And he beat Cory Booker by a wide margin."

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